130 Session Open Groups
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Session Messenger Open Groups:

Unofficial Open Groups run by the community:

Session & Oxen

🤝 Languages & Countries

🌐 Non-specific

🌐 Unexplained

🛡️ Privacy, Anonymity and Security

⚛️ Technology

🖥️ Operating Systems

🗳️ Politics

🤔 Humanities

🎳 Lifestyle, Hobbies & Entertainment

🫦 Sex

MassiveBox's Session Open Group for support regarding the community docker images

Business, finance etc.

👑 Official Open Groups run by the Oxen Team (these are also present on the Session app’s suggestion list) :

👥 There’s also a page for Closed Groups



  • → BPerson 👤 (05f7c71c89e0f0453466b12bc1e2bd7412e49133b9c099ac5b7a94dfd0be913f52)

  • sog.caliban.org → Ian Macdonald 👤 (05cef6ca45f42b94cf41f56789c396c23158a6b566df755674df46757f5e569213) (ONS: ianmacd)

  • 2hu-ch.org → nanachi a.k.a. workaholic 👤 (05c5f3363fb2a5548765e1e0a4a2e32a2a54dadad6fc5acd3cbbcf35baa06cb633)

  • → Marky 👤 (05bb29ca4e83a8c7028f64b65e81e6a096ba4e7e12f614daa28bcf0fce8875b26a)

  • → Drake 👤 (056a5df840beaeb87753e8a06397051664b6222e1a1da65924eafca3eb3106ca18)

  • opensessionitalia.eu.org → MassiveBox 👤 (05db9a9be3b156d7e2598806c4de970187b15e216d36610300693874ce16a6020f) (ONS: massivebox)

  • → ThatCatholicGuy 👤 (05e14781801fb420a2b3ac573f48b68bc719330832eeb3111141d27e54fa9c371d)

  • remote.noff.co → Warlock 👤 (05a357eb98e45e07322472a2decc3cfd221953f75480e90e6996322a5fee2cf81a)

  • sogs.horse.xx → Acbn 👤 (05f48c77100c7379bca13139b85792bea6e4edc2550da3abf7348b9e715f52fd24)

  • movistar.ht-rewrite.com → htgang (?) 👤 (055ea581814dea3e601cfff4cb60834fddbe2ae9db114f769b199f5abef000e168)

  • → Not Jay

👥 What are Session Open Groups?

Open groups are Session Group chat servers that can host many thousands of chat participants.

👋 How to join an existing Session Open Group?

On Mobile (Android/iOS)

  1. Click on the "+" Button.
  2. Click on the Globe Button.
  3. Paste a link of your choice from the list above.
  4. Click "Next".

On Desktop

  1. Click on "Join an open group".
  2. Follow the Mobile steps from step 3.

How to create a Session Open Group? 🛠️

  1. You need a VPS or dedicated server.
  2. Follow this guide.

Share your open group with the community if you want people to join. You can host more than one open group (room) on a server.

💬 Contact

If you want to add your open groups here,

  • Announce the group link in the Session general chat. A moderator will be happy to add it to this wiki (preferred)
  • Create an issue on this Gitea (slower)

If you encounter a defunct group on this list, please report this in the Session open group.

🌐 See Also

- For more communities, please see the automatically compiled direcory at https://sessioncommunities.online

🚫 Disclaimer

This list is not endorsed by and does not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the Session Team.

It is maintained by a few community moderators of Session.