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# Tmux
if [[ -z "${TMUX}" ]]; then
if ! tmux has-session; then
eval $(ssh-agent -st 1h)
tmux new-session -n calculator bc -iq
tmux new-window
# Config
alias bashconfig='vim ${HOME}/.bashrc'
alias gitconfig='git config --global --edit'
alias i2pdconfig='vim ${HOME}/.i2pd/i2pd.conf'
alias sshconfig='vim ${HOME}/.ssh/config'
alias termuxconfig='vim ${HOME}/.termux/'
alias tmuxconfig='vim ${HOME}/.tmux.conf'
alias torconfig='vim ${PREFIX}/etc/tor/torrc'
alias vimconfig='vim ${HOME}/.vimrc'
# Utils
alias copy='termux-clipboard-set'
alias l='ls'
alias lh='l --human-readable'
alias ll='lh -l'
alias la='ll --all'
alias paste='termux-clipboard-paste'
alias pip='pip --proxy "socks5h://${RANDOM}:${RANDOM}@"'
source ~/.bashrc-secret