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#Thu Dec 30 07:09:53 SAST 2021
Paged conversation recycler, update compile sdk version 31 (#1049) * Update build tools * Update appcompat version * Update dependencies * feat: add paging into conversation recycler and queries to fetch data off-thread * refactor: wip for updating paged results and bucketing messages / fetching enough to display * fix: currently works for scrolling and possibly refreshing? need scroll to message and auto scroll down on insert (at bottom) * fix: search and scrolling to X message works now * build: increase version code and name * fix: re-add refresh, remove the outdated comment * refactor: lets see if 25 size pages increases performance :eyes: * feat: add in some equals overrides for mms records to refresh if media has finished DLing * feat: add scroll to bottom for new messages if we are at the end of the chat * build: update build numbers * fix: update AGP and fix compile errors for sdk version 31 * feat: add log for loki-avatar and loki-fs on upload types and responses * feat: increase build number to match latest installed version * feat: changing props and permission checks for call service * fix: possible service exception when no call ID remote foreground service not terminated * revert: google services version * fix: re-add paging dependency * feat: adding new last seen function and figuring out the last seen for recycler adapter * build: update version names and codes for deploy * refactor: undo the new adapter and query changes to use previous cursor logic. revert this commit to enable new paged adapter * fix: use author's address in typist equality and hashcode for set inclusion * refactor: refactor the select contacts activity * refactor: refactor the select contacts activity * build: update version code * fix: hide all other bound views if deleted * refactor: change voice message tint, upgrade build number * fix: message detail showing up properly * revert: realise copy public key is actually not allowed if open group participant * fix: copy session ID, message detail activity support re-enabled * build: update build version code * build: remove version name * build: update build code * feat: google services version minimum compatible * fix: selection for re-created objects not properly highlighting * fix: foreground CENTER_INSIDE instead of just CENTER for scaletype * build: update version code * fix: don't show error if no error * build: update version code * fix: clear error messages if any on successful send Co-authored-by: charles <>
3 months ago