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LabyrinthAP provides a simple, responsive web interface to control wifi, hostapd, Lokinet daemon and related services necessary to access Lokinet on the Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi.

Updated 1 week ago

Space Cadet Pinball compiled for Raspberry Pi and package into a deb with desktop entry.

Updated 4 months ago

Installer script to create a Lokinet exit from Raspberry Pi OS or Armbian image on an single board computer.

Updated 8 months ago

Raspberry Pi App Store for Open Source Projects

Updated 8 months ago

Daedalus SNAppCrafter is an easy to use Lokinet webserver set up tool to rapidly configure a hidden service (SNApp) on a Linux based system which support .deb packages.

Updated 8 months ago

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The most savage way to install Lokinet (complete with civilized uninstaller)

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