Official Tristan Language project compiler
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Tristan B. V. Kildaire 8972a277f3 Data
- Added new type `VariableParameter` for function parameters


- Generate instances of `VariableParameter` instead of just `Variable` (direct) for function parameters
- Set the Container of the VariableParameter(s) of a function definition to that of the Function (definition)


- Updated type to `VariableParameter` (just to be more specific and clear)


- Added branch to pool VariableParameter but NOT add them as dnode's (that would cause code gen to emit declarations for parameters - which is something we do not want). Set as visited, pool for lookup and set Context.


- Added variable parameter symbol mapping to `generateSignature()` for function signatures

Variables (special DNode type)

- Added note, do we need these?

Test cases

- Updated test case `simple_function_decls.t` to test parameter variable usage (assignment and expression usage)
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Official Tristan Language project compiler


Docs are available here.


To build you will need dmd and dub installed. You can then run the following:

dub test --coverage
dub build

The first command is optional but you want to make sure the compiler is working so you may as well run all the unit tests - it won't take too long.


A list of all commands can be found by typing in the following: