7765 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Harris 5469f232a0
feat: add hidden moderator and admin roles, separated as they may be used independently in future (#942) 13 hours ago
Harris e7ca53ff72
fix: include legacy and new open groups in server ID tracking (#941) 13 hours ago
Harris c65feba683
Fix open group polling from seqno instead of last hash (#939) 2 days ago
Harris 7dcb566a57
fix: add file IDs to request parameters for message send (#940) 2 days ago
jubb 865a69c49f build: update build number 6 days ago
jubb 6c07121d7a fix: crash for join open group dialog and v4 file upload in FS and open group 6 days ago
jubb 2f80fac57e build: update build version code 7 days ago
jubb 44fc0fc2dd fix: only fetch latest messages on first join 7 days ago
jubb 00f28b7360 build: update version code 1 week ago
jubb 1ba204855c fix: db migration update 1 week ago
jubb 4007875f07 build: update build number and version code 1 week ago
ceokot bee287bb7e
Add Session Id blinding (#862) 1 week ago
jubb b1e954084c build: update build number and version 4 weeks ago
Harris 2ea7f638d8
fix: uninitialized exception for lateinit guardSnode in certain cases, replace with a nullable version for error handling (#926) 4 weeks ago
Harris d3e2ef0b40
fix: remove declared phone state permission (#919) 4 weeks ago
Harris 344e7f333e
Fix notification release issues (#925) 4 weeks ago
jubb ba60e8a8ee fix: fallback on biometric key failures and retry creating key, fix up notification issues 2 months ago
jubb 58dfd3b7cd build: update build number 2 months ago
Harris daca3e2531
Use current time + offset in snode message timestamps (#904) 2 months ago
Harris c677431867
fix: re-order when notification updates occur in batch message receive job (#905) 2 months ago
jubb 4cfe871058 fix: strongbox was broken for some platforms 2 months ago
jubb d0487c0eb8 Merge branch 'dev' 2 months ago
Harris 6ddefb7a2e
Performance improvements and bug fixes (#869) 2 months ago
Harris db92034a8a
feat: handle KeyStore backed fingerprint verification 3 months ago
Harris 6ad00dab9b
feat: disable screen security default if we are building a debug build for UI testing purposes (#894) 3 months ago
jubb e1a033d0ee Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/dev' 3 months ago
Harris 0dbe96d723
build: update build numbers (#895) 3 months ago
Harris aef101f1e5
fix: only send message if the up position is contained in the button's rectangle, to prevent sending if dragged away (#887) 3 months ago
jubb ccc3bf31db Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/dev' 3 months ago
jubb 6f43ccd8ae chore: increment build number 3 months ago
Harris 00f06ab034
Namespace retrieval and storage with auth (#880) 3 months ago
jubb 9373d78f45 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/dev' 4 months ago
Harris 7fc3599c25
refactor: increase tooltip text size and set typeface to bold (#857) 4 months ago
jubb 99073d8553 Merge branch 'dev' 4 months ago
jubb 17ebd840e8 build: update build version name 4 months ago
Harris e1b6bb7e56
Add one on one calls over clearnet (#864) 4 months ago
jubb 2cf60ebfd4 feat: new session graphic 4 months ago
jubb 04dfe99517 build: update version code and name 5 months ago
Harris 712deebb42
fix: Cached recipient values not updating approved flags, remove unused static recipient settings map in RecipientProvider (#860) 5 months ago
Harris 2445418e3e build: update build number 5 months ago
Harris 5ace67fd36 fix: don't send typing indicator in unapproved conversation 5 months ago
Harris 8d32b02c16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/dev' 5 months ago
Harris ad5911e247 fix: don't enable expiring messages in not approvedMe conversations 5 months ago
Harris c6cf7a24d7 fix: raise elevation on the attachment buttons 5 months ago
Harris 3733826e2e fix: re-check input bar control after recipient modified 5 months ago
jubb 1aabbecc9d build: update build number 5 months ago
Harris 6649a9a745
Generate placeholder avatars from two characters, re-fetch missed avatars (#856) 5 months ago
jubb 11d49426d3 fix: approval for more fine-grained contacts on migrate 5 months ago
Harris c458d4a359
Fix approved references and visible message setting flags for approval (#854) 5 months ago
Harris a67195c6cf
Treat first sync closed groups as base for restoring device (#855) 5 months ago