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0x330a b62656b1be
feat: add new config enabled timestamp 3 days ago
0x330a af1f2983c7
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
# Conflicts:
#	libsession/src/main/java/org/session/libsession/messaging/messages/ExpirationConfiguration.kt
3 days ago
0x330a c2ab92e14d
feat: add new config enabled timestamp 3 days ago
0x330a 1aec56b936
feat: add new config enabled timestamp 3 days ago
0x330a a4c99799a2
build: update build version 3 days ago
0x330a ae3ac3c16d
Merge branch 'dev' 3 days ago
Andrew 8432227f38
Rebuild Disappearing Messages 3 days ago
Andrew 76f8e9867b Remove logs in UpdateMessageBuilder 3 days ago
Andrew 22460df15e Fix expiry not added to community invites 3 days ago
Andrew 51f2c3557d Remove log 4 days ago
Andrew 1c38fc000a Push empty convos to bottom and hide thread date when unknown 4 days ago
Andrew 1a81c7278a Set NTS to 14 days ago when created in updateUser 5 days ago
Andrew d143d8a883 Fix old threads being set to 2 weeks ago 5 days ago
Andrew 19c3b639c3 Set thread to 14 days old when added from libSessionContacts 5 days ago
0x330a e8c61d6791
fix: remove new group invite clearing flags and handling new configs better 1 week ago
0x330a f6d351f9c3
fix: remove disappearing config overwrite and fix EC key pair's pubkey being group's identity pubkey 1 week ago
Andrew affdf1ca07 Disable disappearing closed group messages 1 week ago
Andrew 3cd5ca4a6d Simplify ClosedGroupControlMessage#fromProto 2 weeks ago
Andrew 39df560f0c Don't shorten ttl of closedGroupControlMessage 2 weeks ago
Andrew f5121770ec Remove erroneous expiration on SharedConfigurationMessage 2 weeks ago
Andrew a1fadcfa91 Disable closed group control messages disappear 2 weeks ago
Andrew c3b416f76c Fix Message#isValid 2 weeks ago
Andrew ef50d63410 Cleanup logs 2 weeks ago
Andrew 398b5bf7b4 Cleanup 2 weeks ago
Andrew 2e50dc08bb Cleanup MarkReadReceiver 2 weeks ago
Andrew 66dcae04f6 Cleanup Storage 2 weeks ago
Andrew 4ead21cf1a Cleanup SmsDatabase 2 weeks ago
Andrew 403058c5cf Cleanup VisibleMessageView 2 weeks ago
Andrew 88dfceed67 Cleanup ConversationViewModel 2 weeks ago
Andrew c5c3365b18 Cleanup ConversationReactionOverlay 2 weeks ago
Andrew d33de9cf6b Cleanup ConversationActivityV2 2 weeks ago
Andrew 835fa6882b Cleanup DisappearingMessagesActivity 2 weeks ago
Andrew 9fd244d86a Cleanup ConversationActionBarView 2 weeks ago
Andrew 74d96fa926 Fix disappearing messages setting lost on group member change 2 weeks ago
Andrew 7c4060a8c4 Cleanup closedGroupMessage serialisation 2 weeks ago
0x330a 54b7e116ca feat: update libsession-util to latest dev 2 weeks ago
Andrew 8293c12bf2 Fix subtitle color 3 weeks ago
Andrew 128ae81998 Add 30 seconds to disappearing debug settings 3 weeks ago
Andrew 91807db8a9 Set delete in context menu to color destructive 3 weeks ago
Andrew 8e4266d9ee Fix mms messages delete previous timer messages 3 weeks ago
Andrew 610d717540 Fix sent status accessibility id 3 weeks ago
Andrew 64a2b4a61c Fix merge 3 weeks ago
Andrew 1176273c3a Fix accessibility id 3 weeks ago
Andrew e4999e3b84 Merge branch 'dev' into disappear-2 3 weeks ago
Andrew 637b7f8249 Fix expiry mode application to Message 3 weeks ago
Andrew 181dd15028 Fix non-sms messages not deserialisable by kryo 3 weeks ago
Andrew 84e92e186b Fix context auto delete timer doesn't show if opened before successful send 3 weeks ago
Morgan Pretty 61109a925d
Merge pull request #1413 from mpretty-cyro/feature/ci-builds
Add in CI unit tests and builds
3 weeks ago
Morgan Pretty 7e32f37258 Removed an unneeded import 3 weeks ago
Andrew 701e3cbf8b Close message context menu on delete 3 weeks ago