7802 Commits (1dbcffe40bfb20ece0d03a96388e24e9d857c04a)

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ceokot 1dbcffe40b
Play fixes (#1017) 5 months ago
charles db61d693c4 Merge branch 'u-master' into u-dev 5 months ago
charles 2216c99dcd release: increment build number 5 months ago
ceokot 3018937ad9
New app theming (#1011) 5 months ago
ceokot 38cc42a162
New app theming (#1010) 5 months ago
Morgan Pretty aecb40cce9
Fixed a bug where message requests could incorrectly appear in the thread list (#1009) 5 months ago
Harris 7a773016da
New app theming (#913) 6 months ago
jubb 92075aed32 Merge branch 'master' into dev 6 months ago
Harris 54efc36a8b
fix: don't use RTL layout for header image (#982) 6 months ago
ceokot fbd1721eaf
Menu redesign (#958) 6 months ago
jubb 42b2271336 build: update version code 6 months ago
Harris d2dc86de88
Fix moderator race condition (#975) 6 months ago
jubb 3fcd972c2a build: increment version code 7 months ago
Harris b6106d5506
Use streams and collectors supported below API 24 in StaticEmojiPageModel (#966) 7 months ago
jubb c09e4e4907 build: update build numbers 7 months ago
jubb 87c1ede75c fix: compile issue from merge 7 months ago
jubb 2c3a949bb3 Merge branch 'master' into dev 7 months ago
Harris bd51cbf6fd
Remove open group guidelines on official open groups (#933) 7 months ago
Harris 9f8ed4daf2
Replace default action message request behavior (#927) 7 months ago
Harris aa43ab2a2e
Display Note to self in conversation instead of your own Session ID (#929) 7 months ago
Harris 919bb01d58
Make the message trimming behaviour consistent across platform (#936) 7 months ago
Harris bdc4f5aebe
Fix blinded ID moderator checks in emoji reaction popup (#964) 7 months ago
Harris 29124f36b6
Fix improperly caching `notifyType` on `Recipient`s (#965) 7 months ago
Harris 7d186c198e
Fix emoji notifications (#960) 7 months ago
Harris 361ff8370b
Fix conversation toolbar extras (#961) 7 months ago
Harris b1918f07e1
fix: remove in-thread notifications (#962) 7 months ago
jubb 16d4519d7e build: bump build numbers 7 months ago
Harris ebcae1f284
fix: emoji author parsing and adding message senders to storage (#957) 7 months ago
Harris 2520287aff release: bump version code 7 months ago
Harris 2bd078a441 Merge branch 'dev' 7 months ago
ceokot 16ca97d2d3
Add emoji reacts support (#889) 7 months ago
Harris d6d0c52745
Migrate old official open group locations for polling and adding (#932) 7 months ago
ceokot 2bfc8215d4
Fix quote retrieval crash (#944) 7 months ago
Harris 5469f232a0
feat: add hidden moderator and admin roles, separated as they may be used independently in future (#942) 7 months ago
Harris e7ca53ff72
fix: include legacy and new open groups in server ID tracking (#941) 7 months ago
Harris c65feba683
Fix open group polling from seqno instead of last hash (#939) 8 months ago
Harris 7dcb566a57
fix: add file IDs to request parameters for message send (#940) 8 months ago
jubb 25eff4fece Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into dev 8 months ago
jubb 865a69c49f build: update build number 8 months ago
jubb 6c07121d7a fix: crash for join open group dialog and v4 file upload in FS and open group 8 months ago
jubb 997389b940 Merge branch 'master' into dev 8 months ago
jubb 2f80fac57e build: update build version code 8 months ago
jubb 3944d5d1df Merge branch 'master' into dev 8 months ago
jubb 44fc0fc2dd fix: only fetch latest messages on first join 8 months ago
jubb 00f28b7360 build: update version code 8 months ago
jubb 1ba204855c fix: db migration update 8 months ago
jubb 4007875f07 build: update build number and version code 8 months ago
ceokot bee287bb7e
Add Session Id blinding (#862) 8 months ago
Harris d53752713e
Align quote behaviour, move the media message outside of text bubble to simplify layouts (#935) 8 months ago
jubb b1e954084c build: update build number and version 8 months ago