Official Tristan Language project compiler
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Tristan B. V. Kildaire 4f899c69e2 Lexer
- Fixed missing flushing for issue #65 (see "Flushing fix ")
- Added unit test for flushing fix

VariableDeclaration (Instruction)

- Added support for the embedding of a VariableAssignmentInstr inside (added a getter too) (a part of issue #66)
- Conditional support for if statements: Added two new instructions (IfStatementInstruction and BranchInstruction). See issue #64


- Added depth increment/decrement on enter/leave scope of `transform()`
- Correct tabbing for nested if-statements using new method `genTabs(ulong)` (which uses the above mechanism). Makes code emitted for if statements (issue #64) look nicer.
- Updated VariableDeclarations (with assignments) handling in `transform()` in the manner similar to BinOpInstr (see issue #66)
- Added a TODO for formatting BinOpInstr's `transform()` a little more aesthetically nicer
- Added code emitting support for if statements (the `IfStatementInstruction` instruction) (see issue #64)
- Updated `emitEntryPoint()` to only emit testing C code for the correct input test file


- `parseIf()` now returns an instance of IfStatement which couples multiple `Branch` objects consisting of `Statement[]` and `Expression`
- Ensured that each `Statement` of the generated `Statement[]` from `parseBody()` for a given `Branch` is parented to said Branch using `parentToContainer()`
- Ensured each generated `Branch` in `Branch[]` is parented to the generated `IfStatement` using `parentToContainer()`
- `parseBody()` now adds to its `Statement[]` build-up array the generated `IfStatement` from the call to `parseIf()`


- Added support for back-mapping `SymbolType.EQUALS` to `getCharacter(SymbolType)`


- Added `Branch` parser node which is a Container for body statements (`Statement[]`)
- Added `IfStatement` parser node which is a Container of `Statement[]` which are actually `Branch[]`


- Moved import for `reverse` to top of module
- Implemented `tailPopInstr()` method which will pop from the back of the `codeQueue` "scratchpad"
- Fixes handling of `StaticVariableDeclaration` and `VariableAssignmentNode` (fixes issue #66)
- Added handling for IfStatement entities (if statement support #64)


- Added a debug statement to `resolveUp(Container, string)` to print out the container to lookup from and the name being looked up


- Added a default `toString()` to the DNode class which prints `[DNode: <entity toString()]`
- Added a TODO and debug print related to issues #9
- Disabled InitScope.STATIC check for now as it caused issues with if statement parsing (probably due to VIRTUAL being default and therefore skipping if statment processing) - issue #69
- Cleaned up handling of Entity type `Variable` (variable declarations) - removed repeated code
- Undid the VarAss->(depends on)->VarDec, reverted back to VarDec->(depends on)->VarAss, fixed by #66 (and closes it and #11)
- Added support for `IfStatement` (if statements) in `generalPass(Container, Context)`

Test cases

- Added new test case testing nested if statements (`nested_conditions.t`)
- Added another test case for if statements, `simple_conditions.t`
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Official Tristan Language project compiler


Docs are available here.


To build you will need dmd and dub installed. You can then run the following:

dub test --coverage
dub build

The first command is optional but you want to make sure the compiler is working so you may as well run all the unit tests - it won't take too long.


A list of all commands can be found by typing in the following: